PRAVDA – A Real Menace to Society

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is the sixth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The botang spy agency has declassified and provided PRAVDA with the plans allegedly made by Menace to Society before the Gamma expansion was released. The information contained in the plans is quite shocking and it seems it was only the arrival of the Soviets that stopped Menace to Society from once again living up to its name!

Speculations arise how will the NATO corporations react to this information that clearly outlines not only the master-plan to push them off Gamma and demand massive ransoms, but also use their spies and clean out their corporation hangars! Who is the real Menace to Society? Time will tell!


Our readers have noticed that the yellow Gamma islands Rhaoshan, Changowa and Nirayon have been opened and the general agreement was that Menace to Society finally felt ready to make a move out to Gamma.

The rumor mill is going crazy as The Omen confirmed that TOG independently opened the Gamma islands, and as a result have been removed from NATO and set yellow by the rest. After this harsh and sudden dismissal from NATO, The Omen went on to say he’s unsubscribing from the game quoting reasons of a personal nature. Speculation are on, are any NATO corporations allowed to do anything without Menace to Society stamp of approval? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


According to early reports, Blackomen and Burial of Menace to Society led a early morning attack force of STC and NEBS corporations to Novaya Trava, managing to sneak through the defense lines and destroy several small buildings before they were summarily executed by the brave Soviet defenders!

Adding insult to injury, the Soviet defenders managed to hack the field container that NATO used to deposit their ill-gotten loot!

The battle summary is available here:

However in a desperate attempt to cover up the failure of this operation, Blackomen of Menace to Society attempted to claim that “The can left behind was not hacked, we had a spy (Anti-botang spies are even better) confirm it died.”

This was disproven by comrade Bandwagon who had the presence of mind to record the operation of stealing their field container, and reproduce it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The more ominous part of the botched attempt at damage control involves Blackomen stating he will use developer strings to reverse support tickets because he disagrees with them.


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