PRAVDA – Soviet armada attacks Davis Barrier!

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is the fifth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The Soviet armada struck a decisive blow to the enemy morale at the NATO coalition Gamma base on DAVIS BARRIER! Initial reports indicate that Soviet troops were performing a ritual dance known as the CONGA around NATO’s base while waiting for the timer to tick down. PRAVDA has received a detailed report that our Motherland’s Katyusha-Grophos shelled the NATO base without any resistance being offered by the enemy. The base was completely destroyed and no civilian casualties were reported, thanks to the surgical precision only Soviet engineering can provide!


NATO’s crumbling morale is shook by yet another scandal as GREMROD, former editor of Menace to Society news service and podcast “Incoming Transmission”, left the corporation for the third time and joined Brotherhood of Steel and their AIG alliance! PRAVDA has reported in previous articles the inside information on the breakdown inside NATO that lead to AIG’s formation and withdrawal from the war, and now it seems AIG has already scored a cultural victory over their former overlords!

Speculations arise regarding Gremrod’s leaving, was it due to the threats of Lupus Aurellius to AIG? Was it simple desertion from a clearly losing side? Who knows, but certainly another loss in a string of losses for the crumbling NATO coalition that tried to bully and attack the Motherland!


PRAVDA has done a short poll with several Soviet comrades on the situation of the war. PRAVDA editors will try to make a weekly poll in the future. Answers will not be subject to censorship, lectoring or editing.

Comrade Arga had this to say:

[17:23:26] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:32:05] <COMRADE ARGA> I’ve never felt safer. Our valient soliders are continually educating our enemies in the futility of resitance. The great furcnaces are running day and night, producing at effciencies never before seen in nia. Wait, we’re at war?
[17:37:14] <PRAVDA EDITOR> The Motherland thanks you comrade! carry on fighting the capitalist menace!

Comrade Bobo 1994 had this to say:

[17:23:29] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:25:31] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> ummm………..i feel its obviously in our favour…..m2s & co dont feel like a huge threat atm
[17:31:05] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> i feel their attack on our gamma was a pathetic way of showing their dominance but blew up in their face
[17:31:25] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> see what i did there? : >
[17:31:29] <PRAVDA EDITOR> The Motherland thanks you comrade! Grind the capitalists under your Soviet boot!

Comrade oABEo had this to say:

[17:23:36] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:25:10] <COMRADE OABEO> it fairs well, seems that there are good fights showing up most of the time.  It further seems that the Dev plan to encourage pvp by use of the Terra Incognita SAP overhaul system is another great success.

Comrade Lemon had this to say:

[17:29:06] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
 [17:55:47] <COMRADE LEMON> It is funny that the one thing I always hear and once again am presented with in questions or statements around recent in-game events is the term “War”. A war would suggest two sides fighting or going at it back and forth, sadly it has only been one side taking it; but i can say that it has been quite enjoyable giving it to them every last bit, when and where i could they dont come out to often *a bit shy if you ask me. I just hope they can bear a couple more loads before they stop trying to come out, would be a shame for them to never come out to there full potential but hey, Where winning right cant ask for much more.


A clear sign that contrary to the failing NATO propaganda, the Union doesn’t only destroy but also builds! Soviet engineers have made a breakthrough with Nia’s first Advanced Terminal, Advanced Factory and Advanced Refinery, adding valuable increases to the already gigantic production power of the working people in the Union!

PRAVDA reports that the Soviet terminals are not only the most advanced piece of technology out here on the frontier, but also the only one still standing as NATO has lost both of their Gamma bases! Victory seems to be closer with each passing day!


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