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Greetings comrades!

This is the sixth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The botang spy agency has declassified and provided PRAVDA with the plans allegedly made by Menace to Society before the Gamma expansion was released. The information contained in the plans is quite shocking and it seems it was only the arrival of the Soviets that stopped Menace to Society from once again living up to its name!

Speculations arise how will the NATO corporations react to this information that clearly outlines not only the master-plan to push them off Gamma and demand massive ransoms, but also use their spies and clean out their corporation hangars! Who is the real Menace to Society? Time will tell!


Our readers have noticed that the yellow Gamma islands Rhaoshan, Changowa and Nirayon have been opened and the general agreement was that Menace to Society finally felt ready to make a move out to Gamma.

The rumor mill is going crazy as The Omen confirmed that TOG independently opened the Gamma islands, and as a result have been removed from NATO and set yellow by the rest. After this harsh and sudden dismissal from NATO, The Omen went on to say he’s unsubscribing from the game quoting reasons of a personal nature. Speculation are on, are any NATO corporations allowed to do anything without Menace to Society stamp of approval? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


According to early reports, Blackomen and Burial of Menace to Society led a early morning attack force of STC and NEBS corporations to Novaya Trava, managing to sneak through the defense lines and destroy several small buildings before they were summarily executed by the brave Soviet defenders!

Adding insult to injury, the Soviet defenders managed to hack the field container that NATO used to deposit their ill-gotten loot!

The battle summary is available here:

However in a desperate attempt to cover up the failure of this operation, Blackomen of Menace to Society attempted to claim that “The can left behind was not hacked, we had a spy (Anti-botang spies are even better) confirm it died.”

This was disproven by comrade Bandwagon who had the presence of mind to record the operation of stealing their field container, and reproduce it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The more ominous part of the botched attempt at damage control involves Blackomen stating he will use developer strings to reverse support tickets because he disagrees with them.


Greetings comrades!

This is the fourth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The moment our readers have been waiting for has happened last night when a representative of the Brotherhood of Steel corporation Qwertyboom posted a proclamation that they are pulling out of the NATO coalition and forming the Association of Independent Gamers, a neutral alliance that will not be involved in NATO’s campaign to grind the Soviet Union out of the game.

Our beloved Chairman was the first one to congratulate the new alliance: “Congratulations, this is a big step forward for Perpetuum. On behalf of the Soviets, I wish you a profitable and enjoyable beta and gamma experience.”

Lupus Aurellius from Menace to Society, the leader of the NATO coalition was the first to offer his perspective on events; “Translation:  CIR offered a deal to them, that if they withdrew from the fight and formed a neutral third party that stayed out of the conflict, that they would leave them alone to establish themselves back on beta, eliminating some numbers from those aligned together against CIR and allies.

How you can possibly have any self respect in this, existing at the sufferance of those you were aligned against, is amazing, and to announce it in such a manner, as some positive thing, is even more so.  No balls for the fight, and allowed to live on beta at CIR’s sufferance….”

While Lupus Aurellius seemed composed on the forums but still upset about the proceedings, PRAVDA has received information from an individual present at the meeting when BOS informed M2S of their decision:

[05:01:02] <Soviet Agent> how did it go?
[05:01:14] <Anonymous> Bad…
[05:01:26] <Anonymous> like a train wreck into a nitro factory
[05:01:46] <Soviet Agent> ah, lupus
[05:02:42] <Anonymous> yep he lost his shit
[05:02:51] <Anonymous> went REAL great
[05:02:59] <Anonymous> if we go neutral, they will attack us
[05:03:44] <Soviet Agent> with what 😀
[05:04:19] <Anonymous> his exact words ” i will make it my personal mission to shoot you in the face and when the world burns you burn with us”
[05:05:50] <Anonymous> soooo yea blue is raging
[05:06:04] <Soviet Agent> I can imagine
[05:06:20] <Anonymous> i just cant believe lupus
[05:06:25] <Anonymous> just wow man
[05:07:05] <Anonymous> lupus  and gremrod screaming at each other for 2 mins
[05:07:16] <Anonymous> this just got fucking interesting
[05:08:45] <Soviet Agent> Im not quite sure how this holding-at-gunpoint-over-the-internet works 😀
[05:08:47] <Anonymous> sooooo yea they said its a ploy by syndic, remove members from war so you can roll them over.. .then us and the server dies
[05:09:43] <Anonymous> but gremrod actually agreed, and said that m2s should support this idea
[05:09:49] <Anonymous> thets when lupus lost his shit
[05:10:10] <Anonymous> so yea as it stands now , we go neutral, we get shot by m2s  they will insure we dont get a beta island

At this point comrades, it is now obvious that with the string of losses and harassment the members of NATO have lost faith in their leader, and Lupus Aurellius will even go as far as to threaten the people he claims to be saving, just to keep his server coalition together. A turn of events that makes Menace to Society live up to its name.

Pravda has interviewed the leader of the Botang spy agency who confirmed that it is only a question of will the other corporations accept being threatened with destruction to stay in the NATO coalition or risk angering of Lupus Aurellius. BOS had the courage and vision no other corporation has shown, and we will see how many will still stand by Menace to Society when the Soviet armada goes on the offensive.