PRAVDA – War footage!

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is a special report from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.

Comrade Bandwagon has made many quality recordings in the past but the PRAVDA editors agree that his footage of the Menace to Society failed invasion of Novaya Trava is something special and deserves special recognition.

Since STC lost their Gamma base not only without any assistance from their server-coalition led by Menace to Society, but also without any note of compassion; comrade Bandwagon has composed a video on behalf of Ozy. The one brave pilot who defended what the whole NATO coalition didn’t defend.

In other news, the TOG corporation opened several Gamma gates on behest of Menace to Society, who are now terraforming Rhaoshan’s teleports. More to report after the weekend so enjoy the great videos made by comrade Bandwagon until then!


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