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PRAVDA – War footage!

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is a special report from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.

Comrade Bandwagon has made many quality recordings in the past but the PRAVDA editors agree that his footage of the Menace to Society failed invasion of Novaya Trava is something special and deserves special recognition.

Since STC lost their Gamma base not only without any assistance from their server-coalition led by Menace to Society, but also without any note of compassion; comrade Bandwagon has composed a video on behalf of Ozy. The one brave pilot who defended what the whole NATO coalition didn’t defend.

In other news, the TOG corporation opened several Gamma gates on behest of Menace to Society, who are now terraforming Rhaoshan’s teleports. More to report after the weekend so enjoy the great videos made by comrade Bandwagon until then!


Greetings comrades!

This is the fifth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The Soviet armada struck a decisive blow to the enemy morale at the NATO coalition Gamma base on DAVIS BARRIER! Initial reports indicate that Soviet troops were performing a ritual dance known as the CONGA around NATO’s base while waiting for the timer to tick down. PRAVDA has received a detailed report that our Motherland’s Katyusha-Grophos shelled the NATO base without any resistance being offered by the enemy. The base was completely destroyed and no civilian casualties were reported, thanks to the surgical precision only Soviet engineering can provide!


NATO’s crumbling morale is shook by yet another scandal as GREMROD, former editor of Menace to Society news service and podcast “Incoming Transmission”, left the corporation for the third time and joined Brotherhood of Steel and their AIG alliance! PRAVDA has reported in previous articles the inside information on the breakdown inside NATO that lead to AIG’s formation and withdrawal from the war, and now it seems AIG has already scored a cultural victory over their former overlords!

Speculations arise regarding Gremrod’s leaving, was it due to the threats of Lupus Aurellius to AIG? Was it simple desertion from a clearly losing side? Who knows, but certainly another loss in a string of losses for the crumbling NATO coalition that tried to bully and attack the Motherland!


PRAVDA has done a short poll with several Soviet comrades on the situation of the war. PRAVDA editors will try to make a weekly poll in the future. Answers will not be subject to censorship, lectoring or editing.

Comrade Arga had this to say:

[17:23:26] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:32:05] <COMRADE ARGA> I’ve never felt safer. Our valient soliders are continually educating our enemies in the futility of resitance. The great furcnaces are running day and night, producing at effciencies never before seen in nia. Wait, we’re at war?
[17:37:14] <PRAVDA EDITOR> The Motherland thanks you comrade! carry on fighting the capitalist menace!

Comrade Bobo 1994 had this to say:

[17:23:29] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:25:31] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> ummm………..i feel its obviously in our favour…..m2s & co dont feel like a huge threat atm
[17:31:05] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> i feel their attack on our gamma was a pathetic way of showing their dominance but blew up in their face
[17:31:25] <COMRADE BOBO 1994> see what i did there? : >
[17:31:29] <PRAVDA EDITOR> The Motherland thanks you comrade! Grind the capitalists under your Soviet boot!

Comrade oABEo had this to say:

[17:23:36] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
[17:25:10] <COMRADE OABEO> it fairs well, seems that there are good fights showing up most of the time.  It further seems that the Dev plan to encourage pvp by use of the Terra Incognita SAP overhaul system is another great success.

Comrade Lemon had this to say:

[17:29:06] <PRAVDA EDITOR> Comrade, how do you feel about the progress of the Homeland war?
 [17:55:47] <COMRADE LEMON> It is funny that the one thing I always hear and once again am presented with in questions or statements around recent in-game events is the term “War”. A war would suggest two sides fighting or going at it back and forth, sadly it has only been one side taking it; but i can say that it has been quite enjoyable giving it to them every last bit, when and where i could they dont come out to often *a bit shy if you ask me. I just hope they can bear a couple more loads before they stop trying to come out, would be a shame for them to never come out to there full potential but hey, Where winning right cant ask for much more.


A clear sign that contrary to the failing NATO propaganda, the Union doesn’t only destroy but also builds! Soviet engineers have made a breakthrough with Nia’s first Advanced Terminal, Advanced Factory and Advanced Refinery, adding valuable increases to the already gigantic production power of the working people in the Union!

PRAVDA reports that the Soviet terminals are not only the most advanced piece of technology out here on the frontier, but also the only one still standing as NATO has lost both of their Gamma bases! Victory seems to be closer with each passing day!

Greetings comrades!

This is the fourth address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


The moment our readers have been waiting for has happened last night when a representative of the Brotherhood of Steel corporation Qwertyboom posted a proclamation that they are pulling out of the NATO coalition and forming the Association of Independent Gamers, a neutral alliance that will not be involved in NATO’s campaign to grind the Soviet Union out of the game.

Our beloved Chairman was the first one to congratulate the new alliance: “Congratulations, this is a big step forward for Perpetuum. On behalf of the Soviets, I wish you a profitable and enjoyable beta and gamma experience.”

Lupus Aurellius from Menace to Society, the leader of the NATO coalition was the first to offer his perspective on events; “Translation:  CIR offered a deal to them, that if they withdrew from the fight and formed a neutral third party that stayed out of the conflict, that they would leave them alone to establish themselves back on beta, eliminating some numbers from those aligned together against CIR and allies.

How you can possibly have any self respect in this, existing at the sufferance of those you were aligned against, is amazing, and to announce it in such a manner, as some positive thing, is even more so.  No balls for the fight, and allowed to live on beta at CIR’s sufferance….”

While Lupus Aurellius seemed composed on the forums but still upset about the proceedings, PRAVDA has received information from an individual present at the meeting when BOS informed M2S of their decision:

[05:01:02] <Soviet Agent> how did it go?
[05:01:14] <Anonymous> Bad…
[05:01:26] <Anonymous> like a train wreck into a nitro factory
[05:01:46] <Soviet Agent> ah, lupus
[05:02:42] <Anonymous> yep he lost his shit
[05:02:51] <Anonymous> went REAL great
[05:02:59] <Anonymous> if we go neutral, they will attack us
[05:03:44] <Soviet Agent> with what 😀
[05:04:19] <Anonymous> his exact words ” i will make it my personal mission to shoot you in the face and when the world burns you burn with us”
[05:05:50] <Anonymous> soooo yea blue is raging
[05:06:04] <Soviet Agent> I can imagine
[05:06:20] <Anonymous> i just cant believe lupus
[05:06:25] <Anonymous> just wow man
[05:07:05] <Anonymous> lupus  and gremrod screaming at each other for 2 mins
[05:07:16] <Anonymous> this just got fucking interesting
[05:08:45] <Soviet Agent> Im not quite sure how this holding-at-gunpoint-over-the-internet works 😀
[05:08:47] <Anonymous> sooooo yea they said its a ploy by syndic, remove members from war so you can roll them over.. .then us and the server dies
[05:09:43] <Anonymous> but gremrod actually agreed, and said that m2s should support this idea
[05:09:49] <Anonymous> thets when lupus lost his shit
[05:10:10] <Anonymous> so yea as it stands now , we go neutral, we get shot by m2s  they will insure we dont get a beta island

At this point comrades, it is now obvious that with the string of losses and harassment the members of NATO have lost faith in their leader, and Lupus Aurellius will even go as far as to threaten the people he claims to be saving, just to keep his server coalition together. A turn of events that makes Menace to Society live up to its name.

Pravda has interviewed the leader of the Botang spy agency who confirmed that it is only a question of will the other corporations accept being threatened with destruction to stay in the NATO coalition or risk angering of Lupus Aurellius. BOS had the courage and vision no other corporation has shown, and we will see how many will still stand by Menace to Society when the Soviet armada goes on the offensive.


Greetings comrades!

This is the third address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Chaos and apathy is reported to have taken root in the NATO coalition. The extremist Jihadist wing of the Union reports that resistance has dropped to a token few players, and the botang spy agency confirms that most of the major corporations in the NATO coalition have transported assets to Alpha in expectation of an impending Soviet attack on HOKKAGAROS. An anonymous source (contact information known to the PRAVDA editors) in the NATO coalition went on record with the following quote:

[XX:XX:XX] <Anonymous> It will take me a few days to haul all of my shit but i should have a bunch of stuff to donate to the cause. I’ve had enough of all these carebear, crybaby ass corps.

A small roaming gang of 6 pilots was intercepted by the Soviet fast-response fleet on Greensward and destroyed with no losses, reports indicate that two Soviet pilots were closing in hot on Burial of M2S when he set course for a suicide run in the middle of a NPC spawn.


The Soviet armada continues fighting hard in the defensive Homeland war, throughout the past 24 hours it has been reported that they have struck hard at Beta outposts on ALSBALE, NORHOOP and HOKKAGAROS! Marching from victory to victory the undefeated armada is reported to have encircled the STC Gamma base at DAVIS BARRIER and pounded it into reinforcement. Resistance seems to have all but stopped in the southern theater, with unconfirmed rumors surrounding TOG’s silent disappearance from the war.

Earlier today the Soviet armada arrived at YURAION RO and destroyed the first Gamma terminal in the game, owned by the TOG corporation. All assets were dropped from the station and unconfirmed reports state multiple Scarabs mk2 were required to haul the war loot out.


In his address to the Soviet troops, the Chairman stated that several corporations from the NATO coalition offered to switch sides and join the Soviet cause. The Chairman went on to confirm that all offers were rejected and had this to say on the matter: “The rats can either go down with the ship or swim for the shore, they sure as hell aren’t getting on our ship comrades!”.

Speculation is rife how this will affect the growing break down in the NATO coalition. PRAVDA’s anonymous sources (contact information known to the PRAVDA editors) said off the record that a big chunk of their pilots are not bothering anymore, with their NIC income suffering heavily due to the Jihad harassment.


Morale and participation is at an all-time high in the Soviet armada, who made a record at 54 people in Teamspeak. Different battle groups operating in different theaters through all timezones offer something for everyones interests from small gangs to big armada deployments. More recruits seem to be coming in as veteran pilots from SovNov days stream back to the game, it seems that the rate of people coming back has come to a point where its not a question if someone came back, but how many today? Today it was Kerry King, Kustomrod and Express, who will it be tomorrow?

Their inclusion and re-integration in the Soviet corporations would not have been as easy if it wasn’t for the hard-working industrial wings, who are hard at work to supply the raw materials needed to keep the factories fueled. In an informal interview with the Comrade Lead Producer, he estimated current production capacity to be at 40% of what it was 6 months prior. Our comrade went on to say he expects production to double as soon as the third factory has been deployed.

Thank you for reading this PRAVDA update, more to come in the near future as the war seems to be drawing to one-sided and bloody closure.


Greetings comrades!

This is the second address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Over the last two days we have seen F-Navy and NeX corporations merge into Menace to Society, PRAVDA has approached the officials of NATO for comment on this turn of events but no information was forthcoming.

Speculations arise if REMEDY, BOS, TOG and NEBS are next in line to be merged into a stronger Menace to Society whose declared intent is to wipe the Soviet Union off the map and out of the game.


In an unexpected stealth-patch, Developers have reduced the interference levels of Arkhes to the point where being in range of a Proximity Probe gives full interference with 40+ second locktimes.

Jihad leader has been reported vowing to his muyahedins that “Allah will provide the means for those strong of will to strike at the capitalists day and night!“, with calls for a ramp-up of attacks.


A Soviet fleet retaliated against NATO again at YURAION RO, destroying all the Command Relay Towers and Mining Towers erected by the TOG corporation.

Botang spy agency leader has released an internal memorandum from the TOG corporation, with the members allegedly accusing their leadership of “making one bad move after another” and a number of them allegedly leaving the TOG corporation for greener pastures.


Menace to Society, envigored by the mergers with F-Navy and NeX corporations led the charge of the server NATO coalition (consisting of roughly ~70 robots) against the Soviet Gamma base at NOVAYA TRAVA mere moments ago.

Alerted by the ever-present Botang spy agency, the Soviet armada was in position to execute a pincer manuever with the Anvil Battle Group led by the Chairman, and the Hammer Battle Group led by comrade general LemonAlpha Battle Group was led by comrade Krexis and kept in reserve throughout the whole engagement.

The invading Menace to Society fleet was reported losing over 10 Mk2 Heavy Mechs perishing in their ill-fated charge at the walls led by the Soviet turncoat Merkle. The remaining force was reported to have attempted deflagging and evacuating, but comrade general Lemon‘s Hammer Battle Group was deployed and smashed the enemy into pieces.

Unconfirmed rumors abound that officers in Menace to Society are questioning the leadership decisions, while the Soviet Command has organized an impromptu Victory Parade through the streets of NOVAYA TRAVA.

The question is open now how will Menace to Society respond to yet another crushing defeat, as the victorious and undefeated Soviet armada seems to be marching from victory to victory in the defensive Homeland War.



Greetings comrades!

This is the first address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Last night the capitalists of the NATO coalition invaded NOVASTROV, with a fleet approximately 60 bots strong, but quickly evacuated the premises once they completed their circle around DANARCHOV. Several walls were reported injured, and a previously harvested noralgis plantation was reported destroyed.

The people we interviewed seem to agree in unison that this is a vain response to the events that occured previously, during the actions of an extremist section of the Union (titling themselves as the “Jihadis”) who committed suicide bombardments on WAMBULANCE proximity probes seeded on all HOKKAGAROS teleports, a Soviet fleet penetrated the defenses consisting of 1 assault bot (Waspish) and proceeded to take the NAUWY SAP and chemically bomb two fully grown plantations.


The Soviet Union’s spy agency known as the BO-TANG aquired information from a high-up TOG official indicating the build-up of a Gamma base on the first opened Gamma island in-game, Yuraion-Ro, by the ALSBALE part of the NATO coalition. This was confirmed by the BO-TANG agent in the field posing as a cleverly disguised Riveler.

The Chairman’s address to the troops of the Soviet Union was recorded and is available for viewing pleasure.

A Soviet fleet penetrated the wall protecting the island and obliterated all player-defense, consisting of TOG CEO The Omen and 2 others, who were reportedly dropping field cans on top of the walls before the Soviet artillery wiped the capitalists off the face of Nia.

First reports indicate that all Gamma buildings were burned to the ground and the terminal was placed in reinforcement mode. No survivors have been reported from their side, and no ALSBALE members were forthcoming for an interview.


In an incredible turn of events, immediately after the ALSBALE Gamma base was burned to the ground Chairman Syndic of CIR and the Soviet Union contacted PRAVDA to extend a hand of peace to the server:

Corporations of NATO. Yesterday your coalition attacked us. The ruins of Alsbale’s Gamma base are our message to you; every attack has and will be retaliated and your coalition will not save you or defend you.

On behalf of the Union we extend our hand in peace to all corporations; break off from the coalition. Declare neutrality and reset standings, go explore Gamma and grow rich as independent growing entities so that Perpetuum can grow beyond the 200-300 people playing.

We will not make this offer again. If your coalition attempt to attack us again, we will defend ourselves with everything at our disposal and your corporations will be our targets. No e-feelings or e-honor will be taken into consideration.

Choose wisely for benefit of your corporations.

This is an opportunity for all your corporations to individually turn over a blank page in Perpetuum history, for the future of the game.


PRAVDA will attempt to present a weekly comprehensive report on the happenings in Perpetuum, in the future we will look into expanding our services.

Thanks to all comrades for reading this first issue of the PRAVDA!