PRAVDA – Menace to Society attacks Novaya for third time!

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is the seventh address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Unconfirmed sources have reported that the Soviet armada has redeployed to an unknown location. To get to the bottom of this, we have approached The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) leader but no comment or official response was provided apart from some profanities. Our anonymous source (details known to the PRAVDA editors) claims that a top-secret document was released to the armada with orders for redeployment. Our source was unable to provide us with details, but cites 3rd of July as the end of the redeployment.

No doubt in the future we will see more information on this subject as the armada surfaces!


NATO troops attempted to break the fledgeling AIG alliance’s hold on Karapyth outpost, massive amounts of war material were destroyed as the fledgeling AIG smashed NATO into pieces! PRAVDA has received no footage of this battle but we have consulted the botang spy agency on this and it was confirmed that the battle was one-sided, with NATO undocking heavy mech after heavy mech into the fray, with staggering losses! Killboard reports are inconclusive due to the NATO deaths.

In related news AIG has declared their policy of neutrality in this address:


Menace to Society and their NATO alliance launched an attack on the Soviet mining colony on Novaya Trava. The attack begun on the Novaya Trava North gate, where NATO was able to break through the terraformed terrain and advance deep into the island, assaulting the embassy of the Dirty Dozen, a mercenary corporation who was granted mining rights on Novaya Trava. A Soviet rapid-response task force led by the Chairman and Comrade General Lemon was quickly formed and advanced to intercept the enemy force.

The two forces met near the CHAOS mining colony, and the Soviet rapid-response troops charged straight after the NATO invasion force who immediately begun withdrawing. Whittling down the invasion one by one, the Soviet troops were able to not only destroy the invasion force but also pin down and kill Lupus Aurellius before he managed to evacuated through one of the many armored and emergency teleport beacons his forces deployed in their retreat.

We have approached the botang spy agency to get the information from the other perspective, the agency confirmed that Lupus Aurellius was shouting at his pilots to “SHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT THE FUCK UP IN TEAMSPEAK SHUT THE FUCK UP”, and has not been seen since his Artemis Mk2 was taken down and sent to the recycling facility.

Comrade Bandwagon has once again provided us with quality footage from the front line of the battle.


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