PRAVDA – Soviet Armada Destroys TOG Gamma Terminal!

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Union News


Greetings comrades!

This is the third address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Chaos and apathy is reported to have taken root in the NATO coalition. The extremist Jihadist wing of the Union reports that resistance has dropped to a token few players, and the botang spy agency confirms that most of the major corporations in the NATO coalition have transported assets to Alpha in expectation of an impending Soviet attack on HOKKAGAROS. An anonymous source (contact information known to the PRAVDA editors) in the NATO coalition went on record with the following quote:

[XX:XX:XX] <Anonymous> It will take me a few days to haul all of my shit but i should have a bunch of stuff to donate to the cause. I’ve had enough of all these carebear, crybaby ass corps.

A small roaming gang of 6 pilots was intercepted by the Soviet fast-response fleet on Greensward and destroyed with no losses, reports indicate that two Soviet pilots were closing in hot on Burial of M2S when he set course for a suicide run in the middle of a NPC spawn.


The Soviet armada continues fighting hard in the defensive Homeland war, throughout the past 24 hours it has been reported that they have struck hard at Beta outposts on ALSBALE, NORHOOP and HOKKAGAROS! Marching from victory to victory the undefeated armada is reported to have encircled the STC Gamma base at DAVIS BARRIER and pounded it into reinforcement. Resistance seems to have all but stopped in the southern theater, with unconfirmed rumors surrounding TOG’s silent disappearance from the war.

Earlier today the Soviet armada arrived at YURAION RO and destroyed the first Gamma terminal in the game, owned by the TOG corporation. All assets were dropped from the station and unconfirmed reports state multiple Scarabs mk2 were required to haul the war loot out.


In his address to the Soviet troops, the Chairman stated that several corporations from the NATO coalition offered to switch sides and join the Soviet cause. The Chairman went on to confirm that all offers were rejected and had this to say on the matter: “The rats can either go down with the ship or swim for the shore, they sure as hell aren’t getting on our ship comrades!”.

Speculation is rife how this will affect the growing break down in the NATO coalition. PRAVDA’s anonymous sources (contact information known to the PRAVDA editors) said off the record that a big chunk of their pilots are not bothering anymore, with their NIC income suffering heavily due to the Jihad harassment.


Morale and participation is at an all-time high in the Soviet armada, who made a record at 54 people in Teamspeak. Different battle groups operating in different theaters through all timezones offer something for everyones interests from small gangs to big armada deployments. More recruits seem to be coming in as veteran pilots from SovNov days stream back to the game, it seems that the rate of people coming back has come to a point where its not a question if someone came back, but how many today? Today it was Kerry King, Kustomrod and Express, who will it be tomorrow?

Their inclusion and re-integration in the Soviet corporations would not have been as easy if it wasn’t for the hard-working industrial wings, who are hard at work to supply the raw materials needed to keep the factories fueled. In an informal interview with the Comrade Lead Producer, he estimated current production capacity to be at 40% of what it was 6 months prior. Our comrade went on to say he expects production to double as soon as the third factory has been deployed.

Thank you for reading this PRAVDA update, more to come in the near future as the war seems to be drawing to one-sided and bloody closure.


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