PRAVDA – The News from the Soviet Union!

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Union News

Greetings comrades!

This is the first address from PRAVDA, the approved news service of the Soviet Union, the united goverment of CHAOS and Crimson Imperium Reborn organizations.


Last night the capitalists of the NATO coalition invaded NOVASTROV, with a fleet approximately 60 bots strong, but quickly evacuated the premises once they completed their circle around DANARCHOV. Several walls were reported injured, and a previously harvested noralgis plantation was reported destroyed.

The people we interviewed seem to agree in unison that this is a vain response to the events that occured previously, during the actions of an extremist section of the Union (titling themselves as the “Jihadis”) who committed suicide bombardments on WAMBULANCE proximity probes seeded on all HOKKAGAROS teleports, a Soviet fleet penetrated the defenses consisting of 1 assault bot (Waspish) and proceeded to take the NAUWY SAP and chemically bomb two fully grown plantations.


The Soviet Union’s spy agency known as the BO-TANG aquired information from a high-up TOG official indicating the build-up of a Gamma base on the first opened Gamma island in-game, Yuraion-Ro, by the ALSBALE part of the NATO coalition. This was confirmed by the BO-TANG agent in the field posing as a cleverly disguised Riveler.

The Chairman’s address to the troops of the Soviet Union was recorded and is available for viewing pleasure.

A Soviet fleet penetrated the wall protecting the island and obliterated all player-defense, consisting of TOG CEO The Omen and 2 others, who were reportedly dropping field cans on top of the walls before the Soviet artillery wiped the capitalists off the face of Nia.

First reports indicate that all Gamma buildings were burned to the ground and the terminal was placed in reinforcement mode. No survivors have been reported from their side, and no ALSBALE members were forthcoming for an interview.


In an incredible turn of events, immediately after the ALSBALE Gamma base was burned to the ground Chairman Syndic of CIR and the Soviet Union contacted PRAVDA to extend a hand of peace to the server:

Corporations of NATO. Yesterday your coalition attacked us. The ruins of Alsbale’s Gamma base are our message to you; every attack has and will be retaliated and your coalition will not save you or defend you.

On behalf of the Union we extend our hand in peace to all corporations; break off from the coalition. Declare neutrality and reset standings, go explore Gamma and grow rich as independent growing entities so that Perpetuum can grow beyond the 200-300 people playing.

We will not make this offer again. If your coalition attempt to attack us again, we will defend ourselves with everything at our disposal and your corporations will be our targets. No e-feelings or e-honor will be taken into consideration.

Choose wisely for benefit of your corporations.

This is an opportunity for all your corporations to individually turn over a blank page in Perpetuum history, for the future of the game.


PRAVDA will attempt to present a weekly comprehensive report on the happenings in Perpetuum, in the future we will look into expanding our services.

Thanks to all comrades for reading this first issue of the PRAVDA!


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